Sunday, March 20, 2011

FusionExcel Making Waves In Varanasi, India


FE Director Fatma Khilji and I recently went to Varanasi, one of India’s most populated cities in North India to introduce FusionExcel's products.

We first had a presentation for the teachers of St. Mary’s School, at Sona Talab, Varanasi, where approximately 50 school teachers attended. The school administrators also came to see the presentation and demonstration of FE’s Scalar Energy products.

The audience was stunned to see the demonstrations of FE's Scalar Energy products. Some of the science teachers were initially very sceptical about Scalar Energy and repeatedly insisted upon demonstrations with and without the Quantum Pendant. They were so amazed at the demonstrations of FE’s Quantum Pendant, which showed immediate effect on the individual's strength, balance and flexibility that they were very eager to participate in the demonstration. All the teachers were present throughout the presentations. This was one of the best events we had in Varanasi where we sold more than 2 sets of EPacks during the event and expect more to come!

At the end of the presentation, many stayed back to ask more questions regarding Scalar Energy. Many wanted to experience the demonstration for themselves. The entire atmosphere was very positive and vibrant. They then asked for a schedule of the next presentation as they wanted to bring their friends and relatives. Two of the teachers were interested in the business opportunity and next day they visited the convent where we were residing to understand the business plan. I presented the income plan and product knowledge while Fatma shared her personal experience of health benefits and on how to invite people for presentation and give demonstrations. We also shared with them the great FE mantra – WEAR – SHARE – DEMO – PROMO.

The next day these two teachers arranged for two special presentations, one at a famous school and another at one of the offices of a cellular connection provider. People at both the places were shocked and horrified to see the Trifield Radiation Meter showing the degree of radiation on mobile phones, laptops, computers and were very much impressed with FE's Quantum Shield's ability to increase the human body's biofield strength which offers protection against Blackberrys and mobile phone radiations. Everyone present bought the Quantum Shields and insisted that we should have a big event for an Official Launch for all FE's products!

We also shared information about FE's Charities and Donations towards helping less fortunate children around the world through its "Hope for Children" Program with Sr.M.Vinaya Elengical, the Province Animator of St. Mary’s Convent, Varanasi and Sr. Benedicta D’Souza, the Principal of St. Mary’s High School and Nav Jeevan Boarding at Sona Talab, Varanasi. We also spoke to them about FE's "1 Million Sewing Machines For India" Campaign, launched on 22nd January 2011 in Malaysia at FE's Head Quarters, to help the poor and down trodden women & their children. We thank our up line leaders PD Satish Shetty as well as State Licensee PD Dr. KB Jacob for giving us the proper leadership to take FusionExcel's business to new heights!


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