Saturday, April 30, 2011

FusionExcel Sponsored US Boxer, Jonathan Arellano Wins Fight


Jonathan Arellano's victory propelled him into the top 10 in the United States according to, which we hold FusionExcel partially responsible ! With the use of FE's Quantum Pendant and Quantum Flask during his training camp it empowered Jonathan to recover and restore energy quickly. Most importantly during the fight he maintained the same amount of energy from beginning to end never losing a beat. It has been said by reporters that "THIS IS JONATHAN'S BEST FIGHT YET!". We thank FE for all the love, support & energy ;)

Following you will find many magazines and top boxing websites write-ups about the fight containing action shots from the fight. You will notice FE's logo come out best with its bright colors and the enlarged company name making it easy to read in all photos taken by the media press and most importantly when it was aired on television. We look forward to a continued and prosperous relationship with FusionExcel!

With Love,

Selina & Jonathan Arellano

"US Bantamweight FusionExcel fighter Jonathan Arellano out-boxed Francis Ruiz over six rounds and secured a business-like victory by unanimous decision. In the first, the jab of Arellano (7-0-1) may have been the best punch of the round. Both combatants picked up the pace in the second but largely remained out of reach. An Arellano right hand at the ten second warning brought the crowd to their feet. The fight ended as it began, with both fighters feeling their way around the ring. The judges rewarded Arellano with scores of 59-55, 60-54 & 60-54."(From Pound For Pound Boxing)

"In a fight between two super quick bantamweights Jonathan Arellano (7-0-1) showed he could fight outside and inside too and out-pointed Dominican Francis Ruiz (9-3, 4 KOs) after six rounds 60-54 twice and 59-55. Ruiz couldn’t stop Arellano’s inside combinations and that was the difference in the outcome. It was Arellano’s best fight yet!"(From David A. Avila, The Sweet Science Dot Com.)

Friday, April 29, 2011

FusionExcel Welcomes Quantum Flask Users, Filipino TV News Anchors Julius Babao and Karen Davila


Julius Babao and Karen Davila, two of Philippine's most credible and reliable TV News Anchors, became the authority in news reporting because of their dedication and commitment in bringing out the truth to the public.

They come to work with FE's Quantum Flasks, one of FusionExcel's amazing line of Quantum Science Products. The demands of being a trusted and reliable news anchor are always challenging but thanks to FE's Quantum Flasks, Julius Babao and Karen Davila can keep up and stay ahead!

Mabuhay !

Thursday, April 28, 2011

FusionExcel Welcomes Quantum Pendant Wearer, Matt Hoover, Winner "The Biggest Loser" USA


Matt developed severe eating and drinking problems that caused his weight to balloon to 340 pounds until the winter of 2005 when he was cast to be on the NBC show "The Biggest Loser 2". He arrived at the Biggest Loser Ranch in March 2005 weighing 339 pounds. He won the show’s grand prize of $250,000.00 by losing 157 pounds in nine months, weighing in at 182 pounds at the live finale on 29th November 2005. His wife Suzy, shared that experience with him as she earned a third place finish. Matt and Suzy are amazed with their new FusionExcel Bracelet and Premium Quantum Pendant and are proudly wearing them as the products are giving them the energy to push on!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FusionExcel Indian Contingent Visits HQ


Dr. K. B. Jacob (Presidential Director and Indian State Licensee) along with PD Mr. Satish Shetty, PD Mr. Jeevan Palai and FE Directors from various states and cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Chennai, and Orissa visited FusionExcel's HQ in Malaysia from 22nd January to 26th January 2011.

The Indian group attended the launch of the Miss World Malaysia programme held on 22nd January 2011 at the Achievers Recognition Dinner and received awards during the occasion. One of the highlights of the Event was the "One Million Sewing Machines For India" Campaign to help the economically disadvantaged in India.

Our group had a meeting with Mr. Paul Ting on the 25th. The meeting was very visionary and very concrete. FE International has drawn out great social initiatives,one of which was the Miss Malaysia World Pageant, which FE is the Main Sponsor and net proceeds raised from sponsorships will be donated to various Children's Charities through FE's "Hope For Children" Programme. The other initiative is the "One Million Sewing Machines For India" Campaign in India to support its Social Entrepreneurship mission. We observed the image of FE far beyond being just any MLM company but as an organization with a global social entrepreneurship dream and mission to contribute to the world.

During the meeting, we appreciate FE's RM 10,000 donation for Vikhram Sarabhai Blind Girls School in India.

The entire group welcomed the proposed visit of world famous water expert Mr. Masuro Emoto, to India later this year as it would boost up the business of FE in India. The meeting closed with applause and thanks and a photo session with Mr. Paul Ting. By the end of the session the Indian Contingent of FE was fully charged up to perform and to reach the the highest possible level.

During our stay we also did sightseeing at Genting Highlands and a Kuala Lumpur city tour. Our group thoroughly enjoyed the visit and look forward to more visits with more Leaders to Malaysia soon

Monday, April 25, 2011

FusionExcel Sponsors RM 148,000 To The Malaysian Cricket Association


FusionExcel International is proud to sponsor RM 148,000 (comprising of RM 75,000 Cash and RM 73,000 of Quantum Science products) to the Malaysian Cricket Association in a 3 years commitment towards the sport of cricket in Malaysia.

A Press Conference was held by the Malaysian Cricket Association to announce the Official Partner Sponsorship by FusionExcel International at The Royal Selangor Club, Bukit Kiara on 22nd January 2011.

FusionExcel was represented by its Founder CEO Mr. Paul Ting, Event Manager Mr. Patrick Chan, Presidential Directors Alan Yeo and KK Tang at the Press Conference. Founder CEO Mr Paul Ting presented two mock cheques of RM 75,000 and RM 73,000 to YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Ja'afar the President of the Malaysian Cricket Association, who is a QP Wearer for a couple of years now.

After the mock cheque presentation, PD KK Tang was called upon to conduct product demos. The press and the athletes who have never seen FE's product demonstrations before were very impressed by the power of FE's Scalar Energy Quantum Science products!

The Malaysian Cricket Association participated in the recent 2010 Asian Games. The participation at this high level had provided alleviation for the game of cricket in Malaysia. The Men's team will be participating in the ICC World Cricket League Division 6 scheduled to be held from 17th to 24th September 2011. Based on its excellent track record in organizing high level international cricket tournaments, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has awarded the hosting to Malaysia. Malaysian Cricket Association is honoured to be bestowed the privilege of hosting such a prestigious international event.

The Malaysian Cricket Association has also participated in the Asian level tournaments organized by Asian Cricket Council (ACC) under the junior and senior categories for men and women.

The Press and media who attended the Press Conference include Astro, TV3 and Utusan Malaysia.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

FusionExcel Welcomes Quantum Bracelet Wearer, US Marketing Guru, Dave Lakhani


Dave Lakhani has been described as a "Marketing Genius", "Business Acceleration Strategist" and "Multipreneur" by the media. Dave is an in-demand Speaker, Author and Trainer, whose ideas have been applied by some of the biggest companies in the United States including IBM, US Army, Rogers Media, Micron, GE, Wizard Academy and many more. His new book "How to Sell When Nobody’s Buying" was a best seller. He has also been a guest on my TV show, the “Wright Place TV Show” on the same day as this book was released.

US Marketing Guru Dave Lakhani proudly showing off his FusionExcel Quantum Bracelet!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Philippines Presidential Director Lunch And Achievers Recognition Dinner, 12th March 2011


FusionExcel, one of the world's fastest growing network marketing company, recently held a back-to-back Presidential Director Lunch and Achievers Recognition Dinner on 12th March, 2011. It was to celebrate the success it has achieved and to recognize the leaders invaluable contributions to helping the company be the force that it is today.

Presidential Director Luncheon at Club Filipino, Greenhills, San Juan

FusionExcel kicked with the Presidential Director Luncheon held at Club Filipino in Greenhills. A special affair exclusive to FusionExcel's hard-working and dedicated Presidential Directors, the very first Presidential Director Luncheon in FE Philippines was able to bring together 100 FE Leaders to fellowship and share with each other the energy and dynamism towards achieving success with FusionExcel globally.

Led by Founder CEO Paul Ting, Founder Director KS Lee,

Country Licensee Presidential Director Jeremy Looi and Presidential Director Pastor Art Medina, each of whom shared their secrets to success, motivating the enthusiastic FE leaders to follow their lead as they have successfully paved the way for each and every one to follow.

Founder CEO Paul Ting took the stage first to share the value of time and how we can make use of it wisely and effectively. He taught the 80/20 rule and how we should just focus on the 20% of people who give us 80% of the output that we want, instead of focusing on the 80% who can only give you 20%. Time, Focus and Passion are the three things Mr. Paul Ting live by and he desires that all these practices be cascaded down the line so that one can achieve true success.

Presidential Director Jeremy Looi, took the stage next. As a strategist in network marketing, he shared with everyone the keys in becoming a more effective business leader. He highlighted how trainings and workshops, like the recently held Success Warrior 2 are important in moulding the leaders that will help move this business to bigger, better and greater heights.

Founder Director KS Lee further proved from his point that Presidential Director Jeremy Looi was indeed the right seed for FusionExcel to plant in the Philippines. He also shared on how the business started in the Philippines and has grown from there to USA, Hawaii, Guam, Canada, India and Europe.

The Philippines is the best hub for a network marketing business like FusionExcel since Filipinos have the desire to earn more and Filipinos are scattered all over the world building networks in every corner. Building a strong network is vital in this kind of business and for according to KS Lee, Filipinos have the DNA (Distinct Network Attitude) to build a strong foundation that will help FusionExcel reach even more households and build even more networks. And to have a leader like Presidential Director Jeremy Looi, Presidential Director Pastor Arthur Medina, Presidential Director Benjie & Presidential Director Gloria Cuaresma leading the way, the opportunities are endless!

Presidential Director Pastor Arthur Medina was the last one to share and he talked about the seven S's that he lives by for him to succeed in this business: Shared Values, Strategies, Structure, System, Staff, Skills and Style. According to Presidential Director Art Medina, each of these S's are important for success in network marketing.

14th FE Achievers Recognition Dinner, Gloria Maris, Greenhills, San Juan.

The Recognition Dinner was to award our Achievers who have made it to the top! Their contributions have made FE the network marketing giant it is today. The back to back events were hosted by Presidential Director Nathan Demecillo, one of the top Achievers of FusionExcel Philippines. And it was such an upbeat affair and so high spirited! We also appreciate our FE Leader and Entertainer/Singer Allan Dale together with his performers: Sam, Cherry and Bamba for the inspiring songs and lively entertainment.

The Achievers Recognition Dinner also welcomed newly-acknowledged FE Leaders who will take the company to another level. For the newly awarded 75 Directors, 15 Executive Directors and 32 Presidential Directors, the road to success has only just begun for them and through hard work and dedication they can achieve their goals to the highest level.




FusionExcel's Endorsers, "Skywalker" Samboy Lim, the "Captain" Alvin Patrimonio, and the "Triggerman" Allan Caidic were on hand to demonstrate the effectiveness of FusionExcel's Quantum Science products and as expected, guests watching the product demonstrations for the first time were in awe! FE Leaders and guests were all thrilled with the last segment of the program which was the raffle draw. The winners were so delighted as they claim their prizes which were Quantum Shaker, Knives Set, Cutlery, Wine Device, and Snack Set.

Everyone had a great time and when the night was finally over FE Philippine team were all jubilant for another round of success! See You At The Top!

One Clap! Success! AHOO! AHOO!! AHOO!!!